Media Training

Leigh has had extensive experience training public figures and corporate leaders to appear on the media. He offers two four-hour workshops which cover every conceivable aspect of how to do media - and social media – well. There is a range of practical exercises in both radio and on camera for TV.

In both workshops, there’s a strong emphasis on video – with lots of fun and entertaining examples of the good, the bad and the ugly of media work.

Leigh describes his workshops as ‘a safe place’. “Too much media training puts their ‘victims’ through the worst of the worst media nightmares – so they actually end up in a worse state than when their training began. My great delight is to see the transformation of workshop participants from fear and anxiety to a place of confidence, so they can exercise their undoubted rights in media appearances”.

Here’s what two General Managers have said about Leigh’s workshops:

"Leigh Hatcher’s media training workshops have not only equipped me with the skills and knowledge of what to say and do (and what not to say and do!), but also the confidence to tell the story."

“I have found these workshops to be highly professional drawing on Leigh’s extensive media coverage and professional life and brings together important themes and ‘must do’ sequencing when facing tough media moments. Powerful role paying mixed with the experience of proven media performers makes these workshops mandatory if you may one day be staring down a camera lens to answer difficult questions."

A few snapshots of Leigh’s corporate media training sessions – ‘fun and entertaining – with valuable insights and learnings’.